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Many people in Texas believe that child support is only the responsibility of the non-custodial parent. However, the truth is both parents contribute to the financials costs of raising children. These costs are taken into account when negotiating a divorce decree that benefits all parties involved, especially what is in the best interests of the children.

At The Alsandor Law Firm, located in Houston, Texas, we provide sound counsel to parents who are trying to figure out their support obligations. Our child support attorneys in Houston are experienced at helping people determine when the state guidelines should be used to calculate their child support payments or when a creative approach is called for that deviates from these guidelines.

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We Consider Every Factor When Calculating Child Support

Cheryl Alsandor is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in Texas who has extensive experience helping parents who are responsible for child support payments and those who are pursuing the collection of funds.

When we meet with clients who are getting divorced, we will always begin by giving people an estimate of what their child support obligations would be under the traditional calculations. We will then carefully assess your situation to see if there are reasons to rebut or not adhere to these guidelines, such as the following examples:

  • If the child has certain special medical needs or therapies
  • Extraordinary expenses related to extracurricular activities, hobbies or sports training on the Olympic level
  • If one parent takes care of more than one child or children outside the marriage, even if when children live in separate households

Often, there are other issues that may arise when trying to accurately calculate what an appropriate child support payment should be, especially when one parent is self-employed. We have experience researching earnings and helping self-employed payors as well as spouses who are trying to collect from self-employed payors.

Modifications and Enforcement

We also routinely help people apply for modifications when their circumstances have substantially changed such as a job loss or other event that hinders their ability to pay. If someone has not applied for a modification and is delinquent in payment, we can help you pursue an enforcement action in family court as well.

Whatever your child support concerns are, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.