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Family legal disputes can be very complex, emotionally trying, and expensive for both parties. Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody dispute, or are interested in adoption, it is important that you work with an Family Law Attorney you can trust to protect your rights and provide you with the information you need to safeguard your family's best interests.

At The Alsandor Law Firm, our divorce lawyer has extensive experience in family law and applies a unique approach to guide her clients through the legal process. Through sound counsel and support we can provide you with lasting legal solutions for your family. Please contact us directly for more information about any of our practice areas or follow the links below:

Family Law Attorney Houston

Contested/uncontested divorce : We are experienced in both contested and uncontested divorce and can protect your rights related to property division, child custody and support as your divorce lawer in Houston

Parental rights : We can help you protect your rights in terms of your access to your children that is in the best interest of the child while preserving your relationship with your children.

Child custody : We are experienced in child custody issues arising out of a divorce, separation, or for unmarried couples. We can also handle grandparents' rights cases, relocation or modifications to existing orders.

Enforcement and modification of support, visitation and custody : We will assert your rights if you are seeking a modification; or seeking to prevent a modification; or to enforce, or defend an existing custody, support or visitation order.

Child support : We can help you figure out the correct support payments you owe or are owed according to Texas state law guidelines. We can also help you creatively negotiate for a different amount depending on your individual circumstances.

Property division : Our family law attorney, Cheryl Alsandor, is a board certified specialist in family law, experienced in even the most complex property division cases involving real estate, businesses, investments and retirement benefits.
As a Divorce Lawer, she can help you establish what is subject to marital estate division as well as the benefits and consequences of different types of asset division.

Paternity : We handle paternity disputes on behalf of mothers, fathers and grandparents seeking to establish parental rights and duties.

Adoption : Ms. Alsandor can protect your rights if you are a biological mother or if you wish to adopt a child. The adoption process can be complex and requires a skilled famil law attorney to protect your rights.

Prenuptial agreement : We are experienced in both pre and post-nuptial agreements and can assist you at any stage from drafting, modifications, to enforcement.

Protective order : If you are suffering in a domestic abuse situation or have been accused of domestic violence, we can represent you in obtaining or defending against a protective order.

Name change : We represent both adults and minors in obtaining a legal name change. Our famil law attorney can help streamline this process to ensure that you obtain a name change as efficiently as possible.

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