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How to Request Modification of Child Custody in Texas

Child custody arrangements are ordered and enforced by the court. This secures the rights of both parents and ensures that the best interests of the children. But circumstances change, and children grow up. A custody arrangement that is appropriate when a child is a toddler or an infant may not be equally appropriate to a [...]


Are Fathers at a Disadvantage When It Comes to Winning 50/50 Custody in Texas?

Texas courts consider the welfare of the children to be of paramount concern when deciding custody matters. But what happens when both parents are fit and competent to raise the child? Does the mother have the advantage in these decisions? Does the party that is the primary breadwinner? Learn more about what factors into 50/50 [...]


What to Know About Parental Kidnapping in Texas

If you are going through divorce and child custody proceedings, you should never leave the state with your child without the direct consent of the court and your former spouse. Even if you are the biological parent, leaving the state with your child could be grounds for parental kidnapping in Texas charges. When Can You [...]