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Understanding Grandparents’ Rights in Texas

In Texas, the courts are well aware of the joy a grandparent can bring to their grandchild’s life. For this reason, grandparent rights for visitation and custody are well established. If you are a grandparent who is wanting to have more interaction with your grandchild, here’s what you need to know about grandparents’ rights in [...]


5 Steps to Take If You Are a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Being the victim of domestic abuse is terrifying. In addition to the stress of wondering what you should do to physically take care of yourself, you also have to decide what’s the best way to prevent this from happening in the future. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, take these five steps immediately [...]


Situations Where You Can Modify a Divorce Agreement

When your divorce agreement is finalized, it may feel like a firm order that is unable to be changed or modified. However, this is not actually the case. In life, things change. If you, your former spouse, or your child have changed significantly, so should your divorce agreement as it pertains to support. Here are [...]


What Exactly Are the Child’s Best Interests?

As a divorcing parent, you may have heard that the court will determine what’s in “the child’s best interests” when deciding on custody arrangements. Although this sounds ideal, it’s a very vague phrase. What does it even mean? Here’s more about “the child’s best interests” and what that phrase means in a Texas court. What [...]


Understanding Conservatorships

As a parent going through a divorce in Texas, you may have already heard the terms “conservatorship” and “guardianship.” These two terms describe the relationship between a parent and a child. Because Texas uses different verbiage than some other states to describe parents’ rights after a divorce, it’s important to completely understand the terms and [...]


4 Ways to Move on with Life Following Divorce

Getting divorced is a life-altering change. Your finalized divorce marks the end of one era of your life and the beginning of another. You want to move forward with enthusiasm and hope, but the stress of your divorce might feel like it’s holding you back. First of all, this is completely normal. Second, we can [...]


How to Have the Best Post-Divorce Holiday Ever

With the holidays upon us, this time of year can be especially stressful for anyone who has been through a divorce. Even for those who have been divorced for years, the holidays are challenging because this is when we traditionally spend time with our families. For divorced parents, the separation from children in addition to [...]


5 Myths About Prenuptial Agreements

These days, anyone planning on marriage should learn about prenuptial agreements. Although these legal documents have some negative stigma associated with them, they are very beneficial. Here are the truths behind five false ideas about prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements show a lack of trust. The most common myth about prenuptial agreements is that they show [...]