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Houston Name Change Lawyer

People will seek to change their name for a variety of reasons. Some people have never liked their name or have been using another name. Other people seek a name for a child of a prior relationship. A legal name change is available if you are an adult without any felony charges or if you are seeking a name change on behalf of a minor. At The Alsandor Law Firm, we provide strategic, results-oriented service to protect the rights and interests of our clients interested in obtaining a legal name change.

We will take the necessary steps to protect your rights and accomplish your name change as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact The Alsandor Law Firm for a consultation

Protecting Your Rights, Efficiently and Effectively

We will take immediate action on your behalf to accomplish your legal objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our attorney is experienced in the entire name change process from filing of the name change application (Petition for Change of Name) to fingerprint and appearance before the court. While you could seek to complete this process without an attorney, you may fail to provide the right information or make a proper case to the court. We will take every legal step to secure your rights and see that your name is properly and legally changed in an efficient manner.

You may have never liked your name or have been using another name and want a legal change. Our firm is experienced in name change and Petition for Change of Name in all of the following instances:

  • Name change on behalf of an adult who does not like their name
  • Change of name for an adult who has been using a different name
  • Change of name for a divorced spouse or child of a former relationship

The court will grant you a name change if you are an adult and have no felony charges or if you are seeking the change for a child of a former relationship. We will collect all necessary documentation and paperwork to quickly facilitate the name change process.

Contact The Alsandor Law Firm for a consultation with Cheryl Alsandor, a family and name change specialist who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Specialization, or any family law associate at The Alsandor Law Firm serving clients throughout the Greater Houston, Texas area.