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Family legal disputes can be very complex, emotionally trying, and expensive for both parties. Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody dispute, or are interested in adoption, it is important that you work with a family law attorney you can trust to protect your rights and provide you with the information you need to safeguard your family's best interests. 

At The Alsandor Law Firm, our divorce lawyer has extensive experience in family law and applies a unique approach to guide her clients through the legal process. Through sound counsel and support we can provide you with lasting legal solutions for your family. Please contact us directly for more information about any of our practice areas or follow the links below:

Family Law Attorney HoustonContested and Uncontested Divorce

Whether you're filing for divorce or receive divorce papers, ending a marriage is an emotional and complicated process. In most cases, you need to sort through years of marital assets, divide them fairly, negotiate child support and alimony payments, and craft a child support plan that is in your child’s best interests. Due to the importance of these issues, disputes can quickly arise, leading to a contested divorce.

We are experienced in both contested and uncontested divorce and can protect your rights related to property division, child custody, and support as your divorce lawyer in Houston. Based on your needs, we can help you build a divorce strategy that protects your interests and ensures you and your children’s stability.

Parental Rights

As a parent, you don’t just have the right to spend time with your child. You also get to make decisions about his or her welfare, medical care, education, religious upbringing, and other important issues. This is sometimes referred to as “legal custody.” Typically, these decisions aren’t contentious during a marriage — but a divorce can suddenly complicate the decision-making process. 

We can help you protect your rights in terms of your access to your children that is in the best interest of the child while preserving your relationship with your children. We’ll also fight for your right to make significant decisions for your child.

Child Custody and Visitation

In addition to legal custody, you typically have the right to physical custody — the ability to make day-to-day decisions for your child and spend time together. All parents, regardless of gender, have the same child custody rights.

While we strive to resolve child custody issues out-of-court, disputes are sometimes inevitable. At Alsandor Law Firm, we will spend time getting to know you, your parenting style, and your unique circumstances. Based on a thorough evaluation of your claim, we’ll craft a child custody strategy that addresses your parenting goals and your child’s best interests. This strategy might involve mediation, a court hearing, or a combination of both. 

We are experienced in child custody issues arising out of a divorce, separation, or for unmarried couples. We can also handle grandparents' rights cases, relocation or modifications to existing orders. 

Child Support

Parents have a duty to support their children emotionally and financially. Texas sets child support guidelines that govern most of the time. These guidelines consider the parent’s income, the number of children involved, and other factors. However, there are times when you shouldn’t follow the guidelines due to a child’s needs. A family law attorney can help you fully assess your situation and calculate the appropriate amount of child support. 

At The Alsandor Law Firm, we can help you figure out the correct support payments you owe or are owed according to Texas state law guidelines. We can also help you creatively negotiate for a different amount depending on your individual circumstances.

Enforcement and Modification of Support, Visitation and Custody Orders

Over time, you and your ex’s can change. For example, one person’s income might significantly increase or decrease, making a child support or alimony obligation unreasonable. A parent might move out-of-state for a new job opportunity or overseas for a military deployment. This can subsequently complicate a child custody arrangement. Or, someone might consistently violate a custody order.

When your circumstances significantly change, you can ask the court to modify or terminate a support or child custody order. You should never simply ignore a court order — violations can negatively impact your rights and might result in criminal charges. Instead, contact an experienced family law attorney who can help you file a petition and present your arguments to a judge.

We will assert your rights if you are seeking a modification; or seeking to prevent a modification; or to enforce, or defend an existing custody, support or visitation order.

Property Division

During a divorce, you must divide your marital property, which includes most assets and debts you accumulate during a marriage, such as:

  • Real estate
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments and retirement funds
  • Cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles
  • Household items, furniture, art, and other personal property
  • Debt, including credit card debt, mortgages, and loan payments

Under most circumstances, you do not have to divide separate property, such as assets you obtained before the marriage or an inheritance.

Our family law attorney, Cheryl Alsandor, is a board-certified specialist in family law, experienced in even the most complex property division cases involving real estate, businesses, investments and retirement benefits. As a Divorce Lawyer, she can help you establish what is subject to marital estate division as well as the benefits and consequences of different types of asset division.


A father has important rights and obligations. Once you establish paternity, you get physical and legal custody rights — and the duty to support your child.

If you’re involved in a paternity dispute, you should have a skilled family law attorney at your side. A lawyer can help develop your claims and protect your long-term interests — whether you are fighting to establish or disestablish paternity.

We handle paternity disputes on behalf of mothers, fathers, and grandparents. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to paternity issues. At The Alsandor Law Firm, we look at the big picture and build a strategy that addresses child custody, visitation, support, and other important matters.


Adopting a child, or putting a child up for adoption, is a momentous decision. It also involves a large number of legal procedures. Without help from a skilled family law attorney, you might make mistakes that delay or complicate the adoption. Birth parents also need to clearly understand their rights throughout the process.

It’s also important to structure the adoption in a way that best suits the biological parent or parents and the adoptive family. Depending on your unique circumstances, this might involve an open adoption (where the birth parent has some contact with the child) or a closed adoption (where the birth parent isn’t a part of the child’s life). These options all have advantages and disadvantages.

Ms. Alsandor can protect your rights if you are a biological mother or if you wish to adopt a child. The adoption process can be complex and requires a skilled family law attorney to protect your rights. We provide legal advice that is both compassionate and practical, and we’ll guide you through the sometimes frustrating adoption process.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are powerful tools. They define what assets and debts are separate property — removing them from the marital estate and protecting them during a divorce. While you might associate a prenup with the ultra-wealthy, they are a good idea for everyone. For example, a nuptial agreement can ensure that assets stay within your family or protect an inheritance of a child from a previous relationship. They can also protect you from your fiancé or spouse’s debts.

We are experienced in both pre and postnuptial agreements and can assist you at any stage from drafting, modifications, to enforcement.

Protective Orders

If you are suffering in a domestic abuse situation or have been accused of domestic violence, we can represent you in obtaining or defending against a protective order. A protective order can help ensure your safety at home, school, or work. If your abuser violates the protective order, he or she might face criminal charges. 

We take domestic abuse seriously at Alsandor Law Firm. If you are facing domestic violence or abuse, contact a family law attorney today. A lawyer can help you build an exit plan, file for divorce and child custody, and rebuild. All consultations are confidential.

Name Changes

After a divorce or adoption, you or your child might want to change their name to reflect these new circumstances. We represent both adults and minors in obtaining a legal name change. Our family law attorney can help streamline this process to ensure that you obtain a name change as efficiently as possible.

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Client Reviews
One of the best decisions I have ever made was to hire Ms. Cheryl Alsandor. I am very please and grateful, she is by far the most knowledgeable and efficient attorney i have ever dealt with. Her knowledge to destroy an opponent in a court room is incredible. Her ability to catch them in lies and ask the questions to make them look like the idiots they are is key. If you have a serious court issue for family or custody, you need to hire Ms. Alsandor. She knows the law and can see through the opponents lies and intentioal missleading actions. The Judges are sometimes is blinded by the lies of the other side if you dont have a excellent attorney to clear the path for the judge. Ms. Alsandor will clear the path and let the judge see the truth and you will be victorious. Follow your gut and trust Ms. Alsandor. You will be glad you did, believe me. D.
Mrs. Alsandor is an excellent attorney; but most of she is a very empathetic person. This is what separated her from the other attorneys I consulted before hiring her. She helped me during one of the most diffcult times of my life. I was divorcing my wife and fighting for primary custody of my 10 year old son. I actually did not think I would be granted custody being that I am a man and the court systems usually favorite women as being the primary custodian. However after I consulted with Mrs. Alsandor she basically assured me she would do everything legally possible to assure that I was granted custody. Mrs. Alsandor was very understanding, kind and very compassionate. I felt as if she had taken my case personally and this was her fight as well. She responded to my many phone calls and emails; and there were a lot(because of my nerves) Her prices were very reasonable for the extraordinary work that she does. I recently recommend her to one of my co-workers and he noticed the very same qualities. Mrs. Alsandor was God sent. I am happy to report I did win primary custody of my son. We are doing well and we are very happy all thanks to Mrs. Alsandor. Nelson D.
My case was handled well, with professionalism and within a reasonable time frame. I would recommend Attorney Alsandor to anyone because she is straight forward and stayed within the guidelines of the law. I did not have to worry about winning my case because she had it under control. I especially like that I did not have to do a lot of work like traveling to her office and missing meetings at my office because we communicated via email, where I could sign the documents and scan and send it. Lastly, her prices where affordable and I was able to easily pay online, which again saved me time. Steven