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Houston Prenuptial Agreements Attorney

While the beginning of a marriage is an exciting time, the commitment to marriage is an important step that will affect your rights and your financial wellbeing. Before entering into a marriage, it is important for both parties to understand the potential financial risks that they may face in marriage. You can protect your savings for children from a prior marriage or other assets, and ensure that you are financially secure in the event of a divorce.

At The Alsandor Law Firm, we provide sound guidance and counsel to clients interested in drafting or modifying a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement can be an important step to protect your finances and security after a divorce. To protect your rights, please contact us to draft, modify, defend or enforce a prenuptial agreement.

Have You Been Asked to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you have been handed a prenuptial agreement prior to a marriage and want to understand your rights and obligations before you sign, our attorney can review the prenuptial agreement and make any modifications necessary. We will review the document with you and make any necessary changes to ensure that you are financially secure in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement can be an important tool for all couples, especially those with significant assets prior to entering a marriage.

Prenuptial Agreements to Protect the Security of Your Children

It is important for older couples and couples with children to draft an agreement that clearly defines financial intentions should there be a divorce. A prenuptial agreement can protect money you have set aside for your children and protect your savings from a divorcing spouse. While it can be difficult to consider the worst, you can take action to protect your financial interests and the security of your children.

Postnuptial Agreements: Drafting, Defending and Enforcement

In addition to prenuptial agreements, we also handle postnuptial agreements (contracts made after a marriage). For more information about drafting, defending or the enforcement of a postnuptial agreement related to support or custody, please contact us for an initial consultation or case evaluation.

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